Rafting on The Martha Brae River in Jamaica is one of the most relaxing things you’ll ever do.  You’ll peacefully coast down this 3 mile river on a handmade bamboo raft.

Relax and take in the scenery. You’ll be surrounded by beautiful trees and exquisite wildlife. No worries though, none of the wildlife in this area is dangerous.  The sound of the river flowing along with the woodpeckers pecking away and the various exotic birds you’ll come across, will make this experience unforgettable.  Take your camera out. You’ll enjoy looking through these photos later.

Whether you’re looking for Romance, or making this day a family outing, this is sure to be a day you’ll remember.  The rafts may look unstable, but you’ll be surprised at how well balanced they are. Getting on and off will be a breeze.  The seats are well padded so this will be a comfortable journey.

Even if you cant swim, you can still come and enjoy the ride. Life vests are provided just in case, but chances are you wont need them.  The depth of the river is only 4 feet most of the year anyway so you can relax. Only in rainy season does it get up to around 12 feet.

The captain of your raft is very knowledgable about the river and the surrounding area so feel free to ask him anything you want.  Be sure to ask him to point out Jamaica’s national fruit, the ackee. If you’re in Jamaica, I’m sure you’ve tried it. So now you can see how it grows.

Or if you’d prefer a romantic getaway, he’s far enough to the front of the raft for you to have some privacy.  And they know the drill. He wont be turning around to take peeks at you.

You’ll also come across a natural herb garden that has some of the worlds most sought after healing herbs.

This will be the perfect romantic day for you and your significant other but if you bring children along, they’ll get a thrill from being on the raft.

What To Bring:

  • Swimwear – If you’d like to take a dip. This is optional.
  • Camera – This is a must. You’re going to regret not capturing this experience if you dont.

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